High Impact Management achieves exactly what the name promises: our cooperation with you results in a lasting positive impact on your organization. This is why the broad spectrum of our services and expertise is primarily sought by Boards of Directors and Executive Boards of companies that have a need for exactly this specific ability but also know how to deploy this ability.

As a manager of a company you have undoubtedly been confronted with difficult, extraordinary, or even threatening challenges, or have wanted to prevent such a situation with foresight:

  • A company rapidly loses ground in the market; corrective actions were initiated but either fall short or do not have the desired effect.
  • A new competitor with an extremely competitive product or a new service attacks your company in your key market.
  • A critical technology development is delayed and the budget continuously increased without a foreseeable end.
  • You loose key performers in the middle of highly sensitive negotiations or just as you are about to acquire and integrate a large company.
  • Your organization is commercially threatened by a hostile supplier or customer, neutralizing your costly marketing activities or potentially destabilizing other customer relationships.
  • For an international acquisition you need a short-term strengthening of your M & A or Contracting & Negotiations resources.
  • You want to win a major international tender and have burned through substantial funds so far, but you feel you do not have the required experience in the team to achieve the objective with a high level of certainty.
  • Strategically important projects are derailed or stalled; implementations are halted or show no results.
  • You must restructure a company in a very short time frame, but at the same time must ensure key customer projects are kept on track.
  • The implementation of mission-critical software fails and threatens the delivery performance of your organization.

What all these situations have in common is that they occur more often than we want to acknowledge. If such situations are not resolved quickly, they can lead to an unforeseen accumulation of problems, potentially destabilizing an organization and demoralizing the employees, thus further increasing the true cost to solve the problems.

This is where High Impact Management comes in. Our expertise is in quickly gaining an overview, in building confidence by communicating intensively and transparently with the stakeholders, in planning and implementing according to what was communicated, in achieving the defined and agreed results with the necessary calmness and tactical prudence. In doing so, we rely on our extensive experience with difficult challenges, our proven creativity in finding agreeable solutions, our perseverance under very difficult conditions, and our methods for the structuring and elimination of complexity. In doing so, we create new options and choices for you and your team that ultimately lead to the solution of the problem.

We look forward to a first discussion to assess your needs and situation.


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